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Learn Mandarin with Exeter Language Club.

We are offering Saturday sessions for children starting from as early as the age of 3, family tuition and adult conversational evenings during weekdays. Children’s group’s have sub-group’s depending on their age and type of activities.  Native Mandarin speakers provide the tuition to help children pick up correct pronunciation at an age when they are most capable.

Chinese Mandarin Language section offers:

  • Mandarin Language lessons
  • Chinese culture club
  • Children events dedicated to Chinese traditions
  • Adult conversational evenings
  • Family fun activities
  • "Holiday bootcamp" intensive  language course
  • NEW  - Chinese Saturday School


Chinese Saturday School, run by the Exeter Language Club, welcomes children of Exeter and Devon


Classes are run on Saturdays during the school term times at the

Exeter Community Center, 17 St. David’s Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG.

Costs per lesson: child – 6 pounds, adult – 8 pounds

Chinese Classical Dance (Children)

Chinese Classical Dance for childrenChinese Classical dance lesson for childrenChinese Classical dance teacher with children

When learning another language it is very important to gain an understanding of the country’s culture. Exploring it through music and dance is a fantastic way of doing this.

Each session is focused on a story/topic and dances are created around these themes. The technical elements remain the same throughout, with a structured introduction, warm up and set cool down at the end of the session.

The section in the middle will vary weekly (unless the class are working towards a performance).

The sessions are aimed at early years students 4 – 7 years of age and run for 45 minutes.

The class teacher is Catarina Lau, who has Masters of Science in Sports & Health, First Class(hons) Dance Theatre, as well as Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training and Diploma in GP Exercise Referral. 

Days: every Saturday

Time: 12.15  - 13:00

Age: 4-7 y o




4-7 岁,每节课45分钟


Catarina Lau老师简历 :

运动科学与健康硕士,舞蹈一等学士学位,英国GP认证的私人健身教练Level 3专科认证

Beanstalk Mandarin Club

Mandarin children class at the lesson

Combines EYFS (Early year foundation stage) and KS 1 framework with learning Chinese language as second language. Creative and fun Chinese language class for children.

At Beanstalk Mandarin Kids children learn Mandarin Chinese through music, stories, drama, role-play, themed topics and craft. Mrs Yao is an experienced Chinese language teacher who also runs after school club at a local primary school. Her class motto: " Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." Children participate in and get involved in every stages of learning the target language. Mrs Yao has Postgraduate Certificate in teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, MA in Publishing, BA in Media Arts

Days: every Saturday

Time: 13:10 to 14:00

Age: 4 to 7 y o

Material Fee on top of the class fees:  £10 per term to the teacher

Including: weekly worksheet, writing book, themed crafts materials



秒豆中文自2016年创建以来在Exeter社区和私立小学开设幼儿亲子班和课外兴趣班,得到家长和老师们的好评。 趣味中文课结合各种主题通过游戏,故事,手工,戏剧和音乐在潜移默化中让孩子们喜欢上中文。





4-7 岁,每节课50分钟



£10 学期 (付给老师):作业纸,写字本,笔,胶水,小手工材料等


Advanced Chinese Mandarin Class 

children learn Mandarin

Junior class is for bilingual children who are interested in learning to read and write in Chinese.  Lessons cover pinyin, writing characters, sentence structure, and poetry and stories. 

Every term lessons relate to the theme of the main cultural events of the term. For example Lent Term lessons relate to the theme of the Chinese New Year, also know as the ‘Spring Festival’ in modern China. Children learn about the traditions and customs of this important time of the year in Chinese culture, and by the end of the term they are able to write some of the most basic and commonly used Chinese characters and read short poems.

Mrs Ding has certificate in teaching Chinese as foreign language, Msc Accounting, FCCA

Days: every Saturday

Time: 14.00 to 15.00

Age: 7-10 y o







Chinese Art and Painting Class (Junior)

Chinese Art class work monkey and pandaChinese Art children class work - black and white - boy is fishing in a boatChinese Art Class children work - panda in a circus

Chinese Art Club children work pink horse Chinese Art Club children work - mystery lion

Children Art Paintings

(Level A and B)

Painting Entry Level:

LEVEL A—Older than 4 years old

LEVEL B—Older than 7 years old

Experience is not necessary.

Program offers:

Level A: Pastel Painting, Chinese Painting, Clay Sculpture

Level B: Line Drawing (sketch for children), Chinese Painting, Watercolour Painting, Clay Sculpture

Our Children Painting Course not only offers traditional painting class but also Chinese painting and clay sculpture class. Through experiencing different styles children can find out their interest.

Material Fee on top of the class fees:  £7.50 for half term or £15 for full term

Including: Sketch paper, Chinese painting paper, pastels, coloured marker pen, black gel pen, Chinese painting paints, clay, watercolour paints, sculpture tools, and so on.

The class is taught by Mrs Lin Wang, a fine art teacher of drawing and painting for different levels of students, BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting

Days: every Saturday

Time: 15:00 – 16:00

Age: 4 to 10 yo 



















Lin’s Art Painting Diary Class (10+ and adult)


Chinese Art Adult Class - a portrait of a girlChinese Art Class for Adults - the sea Chinese Art Class for Adults - the magic dance

Chinese Art Class for adults - my day starts with coffeeChinese Art Class Adults - freesiaChinese Art Class Adults - my breakfast

Painting Entry Level:

  • You should be older than 10 years old.
  • You do not need to have any painting experience.
  • Should you have any basic drawing skills, you will get improved through this course.

What we offer:

  • Chinese painting
  • Watercolor painting

Chinese and watercolor painting paints both are water-based mediums, but their painting styles are totally different. From this course, you can experience two painting styles and find out their inner relationship, and finally, get your own painting style.

Material Fee on top of the class fees:  £7.50 for half term or £15 for full term

Including: 300g watercolor paper, Chinese painting paper, pencil, rubbers, black gel pen, Chinese painting paints, watercolor paints, painting brush, and so on.

The class is taught by Mrs Lin Wang, a talented Artist, with an impressive art portfolio of her own, BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting

Days: every Saturday

Time: 16:00  – 17:00 

Age: 10+ 



  • 10岁以上+成人
  • 没有绘画经验
  • 有一定基础,通过课程学习帮助提高。


  • 国画
  • 水彩画










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We welcome anyone who wants to join our Chinese, Russian and Italian sections. We are adding more languages in 2018, and we are taking provisional bookings already. Due to the high popularity, please register your interest to join our classes, to make sure you get your space reservation.

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