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Children who grow up learning a second language from a young age – starting as early as three years old – gain tremendous benefits. Children’s brains are able to soak up a foreign language at an impressive rate. Not only that, but they are essentially able to learn to speak the language perfectly and without an accent…

Simply, the younger the learner, the better they are at mimicking new sounds and adopting pronunciation. The brain is open to new sounds and patterns in preadolescence.

Children, who are exposed to foreign languages from an early age, develop empathy for others and a curiosity for different cultures and ideas; prepared to take their place in a global society. Furthermore, in later years, career opportunities increase for those with additional languages to offer.

Teachers and members of the Exeter Language Club are helping our children to become happier and more competitive in their adult life.

Children language groups are divided by age

  • young children - 4 to 8 (in some cases we can take 3 year olds if the parents feel they are ready for learning)
  • older children - 9 to 14
  • GCSE-A-levels groups 14-18

Each group aims to have maximum 10 pupils and is taught by qualified native speakers and helping members of Exeter Language Club staff.

The lessons are designed to accommodate different level of initial language knowledge.

Groups can have a mixture of bilingual children, children with some knowledge and those who are   starting completely from scratch. Inclusive teaching program, different games and activities  and the ability of children to help each other create a unique environment where children foreign language lessons are fun as well as a serious language course.

At the moment Exeter Language Club is offering children’s lessons for Italian Language, Chinese Mandarin language and Russian language.

The program also includes Culture and History subjects to help children to understand traditions and customs of different countries.  

Thanks to Exeter Language Club Friends and Sponsors, the club offers a range of children's activities and events - Children discos, trips, coffee mornings and other events.  

We are also building an Exeter International Business Community, where parents can meet up, exchange their business experiences, take help and advice from other members of the Club and our business sponsors.

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